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Žanras: Komedijos
Šalis: USA, France
Trukmė: 108 min
Metai: 2010
Garsas: Dolby Digital
Režisierius: Shari Springer Berman
Kalba: Lietuvių (subtitrai)
Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, Katie Holmes
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Ekstra Vyras / The Extra Man (2010)

Louis, a young teacher enamored of the age of F. Scott Fitzgerald, loses his job when hes caught trying on a bra he finds in a campus office. He decides to go to New York City to find himself and to be a writer. He answers an ad for a housemate placed by the eccentric and opinionated Henry Harrison; an odd-couple relationship starts. Louis gets a job selling advertising for a green magazine and fancies Mary, a co-worker. He meets Henrys neighbor, the hirsute Gershon, and Henry offers Paul schooling in the gentlemans world of being an extra man - a hired companion, a gigolo - for older women. Can Louis sort out these varied worlds as well as his own expectations?
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