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Žanras: Veiksmo, Nuotykių, Komedijos
Šalis: USA
Trukmė: 93 min
Metai: 2014
Režisierius: Kyle William Roberts
Kalba: Anglų
Kyle Whalen, Collin Place, Lindsay Sawyer
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The Posthuman Project (2014)

Denny Burke is finally about to graduate high school. Senior year has been one bad thing after another: a broken leg, a broken heart, and - worst of all - a broken home. With four of his closest friends, Denny goes on one last rock-climbing trip to prove hes ready to start his adult life... On their trip the five teens receive a genetic boost beyond anything theyd ever imagined. Dennys soon faced with the first big decision of his adult life: does he give up these powers and stay a normal teenager, or does he keep them... and graduate from the human race?
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