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Žanras: Serialai
Šalis: USA
Trukmė: 60 min
Metai: 2015
Garsas: Stereo
Režisierius: Soo Hugh
Kalba: Lietuvių
Tate Birchmore, Kristen Connolly, Barry Sloane
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Šnabždesiai / The Whispers (1 sezonas) (2015)

When children across Washington, D.C., all start talking with the same imaginary friend named Drill, who persuades them to play dangerous games, the FBI calls in child specialist Claire Bennigan - whose deaf son has been speaking to Drill, unbeknownst to her - to investigate. Meanwhile, the defense department sends Wes Lawrence to the Sahara Desert, where he encounters a strange geological phenomenon. As puzzle pieces come together, creating a frightening picture, humanity must wage a battle against unseen forces if it hopes to survive.
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