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Žanras: Nuotykių
Šalis: Canada
Trukmė: 82 min
Metai: 2013
Režisierius: Geoff Anderson
Kalba: Lietuvių
Dylan Schmid, Eliana Jones, Joris Jarsky
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Keturkojai Didvyriai / Step Dogs (2013)

When humble rancher Rick Patterson marries movie star Sabrina Eastman, his son Josh (10) finds himself with a new step-sister, Lacey (14). Josh is an introverted boy who doesnt have a lot of confidence and Lacey is a spoiled Hollywood brat whos angry at Sabrina for not letting her have her own reality show. The two kids do not get along and neither do their respective dogs: Joshs dog Meatball is a scruffy, farm mutt whos laid-back and friendly; Cassie is a prim, spoiled, purse city dog who is not into country living. Rick and Sabrina go on their honeymoon for a couple of days, leaving Lacey and Josh in the care of Krystal, a hippie-trippy New Age neighbour. When Lacey sees some people outside the house one night, she starts to think someone is watching the house but Josh dismisses her fears. However, as Cassie quickly develops her country nose, she learns that Lacey wasnt wrong. She and Meatball discover that a pair of bumbling crooks, Louie and Terrance, are plotting to steal ...
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